Sunday, October 30, 2011

eTopps Football Tracker 10/30- My Rough Week Continues

I still am despondent about the Rangers, with many of the "should have" plays from game 6 haunting my mind in a continual loop that won't stop playing.  It has kind of zapped my blogging motivation over the past few days to be honest.  The talk of this series being one of the all time greats gives me no comfort.  I haven't posted about the World Series because I don't have anything to add that hasn't been said, and I just don't have the energy to talk about it.  There is only one thing that makes me happy about the baseball season being over:  I won't have to listen to that awful "Written in the Stars" song advertising the post season for TBS and Fox.  I might have liked it the first 30 times I heard it, but once it got into the 1,000s it got kind of old. 

Then the Razorbacks just about pushed me over the edge Saturday with that horrible performance against Vanderbilt, but I'll stay off that tangent.  At least they got a W. 

What else sucked this week?  Etopps football, that's what:

Yuck.  I'm barely in the black on my purchases, and the season on the whole is below IPO prices.  The sets usually will fall below IPO eventually, but not halfway through the season.   Or maybe they do, and it was just my perception they didn't.   Part of the problem I think is that eTopps has had major problems recently with the Football game that you can play with these cards, and people are getting turned off.  I could change the value indicator to show what people are selling these cards for on, and my numbers would be better, but I want to show what I could get for my cards if I wanted to sell immediately.

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Milwaukee Southpaw said...

I feel for ya. I still haven't gotten over my Brewers falling to that jerk LaRussa....