Thursday, September 8, 2011

Napkin Doon & Jack Reacher- On a Collision Course of Bad-Assery

There are a few things that send me into tizzies of excitement.  Baseball card collecting is one as you know.  George Will’s genius is another.  And of course, the lovely wife in all her hotness surpasses both of these.
Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child are also on that short list.  And I just found out Child is coming to my town October 28 for a speaking engagement/book promotion.  Tickets are $50 and includes a signed copy of his new book “The Affair” (due Sept. 27) and dinner.   Yes, I already have my ticket.

Lee Child books are just flat-out cool.   Jack Reacher is the constant character in Child’s books, although you do not have to read the books in sequential order.   Reacher  is an ex MP (Military Police) who roams the country, his only possessions being a tooth brush and the clothes on his back.  Every book is about Reacher coming into contact with someone with a problem, and he stays to help.    He likes to kick bad-guy ass and drink coffee and usually scores with a hot chick somewhere in between.  Reacher can be described just as you might imagine Napkin Doon:  a  6’5” mountain of muscle, with a steel trap mind and lethal hand to hand combat skills.  The only difference is that Reacher has blonde hair and mine is brown.

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Might have to check those out - thanks for the rec.