Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cleve's Auction Night: "Nice cards, babe!"

I couldn't make the Tuesday night auction at Cleve's this week, but I put in a few write in bids beforehand.  I was thrilled to see today that I won most of what I wanted (last week I was shut out).  I picked them up this afternoon and brought them home.  My wife blinked, smiled a pretty little smile and said "Nice cards, babe!"

Wait... what?

Could it be that the lovely wife now realizes what a shrewd purchaser I am and is coming around to my auction power?  Nah... I don't think so either.  She is either feeling guilty about something she bought, has something she wants me to do that she thinks I won't want to do, or she is SO REALLY, REALLY mad at me that she has skidded all the way off the anger charts and being nice is the only way she can express her feelings.  Like a fire that is so hot it becomes blue and looks cool to the touch.   The supportive words above may have been dripping with sarcasm and I was too dense to figure it out.  But, I'll take it all the same and enjoy the non-scolding.

And who wouldn't be impressed at this haul?  LOOK AT THIS!!!!

 Michael Young Triple Threads Auto/Relic Bonanza

This card instantly becomes my best Michael Young card.   I am so excited to get this I may not be able to sleep tonight.  In fact, I'm still in a bit of shock that I have it.  Numbered to 18, it has 4 pcs of jersey and 2 pcs of bat, PLUS and auto.  Awesome, awesome, awesome card. 
Topps Tribute Clayton Kershaw auto/relic
I really did not expect to get this card with a $6 bid.   But here it is.  This guy will be good great for a long, long time I think.  I'm not sure yet if I want to keep it, flip it or trade it.  Maybe I can use this to spur a trade with the famous Night Owl.
 1960 Fleer Lot of 3
I don't consider a haul from Cleve's a success unless I pick up some vintage.  I got these three 1960 Fleer for $1 each.  The Cochrane is mis-cut but I don't care.  

Topps Pristine Uncirculated Robinson Cano

From the "why not" category, comes this uncirculated Robinson Cano.  I figured $3 would be a steal for an uncirculated, numbered refractor of a superstar.  And Cano is a superstar.  

Topps Triple Threads Michael Young auto/relic $10:  A+  Instantly my best Michael Young card, and a beautiful card to look at.  I would have been happy paying $20 for this awesome card of my favorite player.

Topps Tribute Clayton Kershaw auto/relic $6:  A-  A tremendous value in my opinion, that will only get better as he gets more recognition.

1960 Fleer Lot $3:  B  I'm actually a bit on the fence about building this set now. But these are still cool cards that didn't cost much at all.

2003 Pristine Uncirc. Robinson Cano $3:  A-  I'm a sucker for uncirculated cards, and don't have any great rookies of Cano.  This covers both wants.


Cheap Card Collecting said...

Those are some ridiculous steals. I see why you're so addicted to the auction haha. Let me know if there are ever any cool giants.

I think the Kershaw pickup is unbelievable. I absolutely hate him since he's incapable of giving up more than one run to the Giants.

Play at the Plate said...

I would never bust any Triple Threads, but I'd drop a tenner on that beauty. Nice going.

Greg Zakwin said...

Dude, $6 for Kershaw? I am INSANELY jealous. I'll deal for it if you want to move it, by the by. And I'll make it oh so sweet on your end of said potential trade.

The Lost Collector said...

Nice pick ups Doon! Those Triple Threads are really nice.