Sunday, September 4, 2011

Checklist Chipaway and Blogger Aggravates Me

Slowly but surely, my master set from the two year run of Topps HD is nearing completion.  Last week, I picked up a couple of inserts online.  The problem with HD is that I don't think they made every card that was scheduled to go in each insert set. For example, the Image insert set that this Albert Belle goes to should be 20 cards, but I can only find names for 10 of the 20 cards leading me to think not all 20 exist.  So who knows, I may be closer to finishing than I think.

And once again Blogger seems to have it in for me.  My most recent post has not shown up on my dashboard or google reader 24 hours after posting (Saturday morning).    So it doesn't look like I've posted anything in a few days.    I checked blogger help and found other bloggers have had this problem.  But I couldn't find a solution unfortunately.   


Greg Zakwin said...

Blogger has been terrible since Google+ went into effect (affect?....this is why I'm not an English major).

dodgerbobble said...

Try Google Chrome. It solved all my Blogger woes.