Friday, September 2, 2011

Blog Dog Championship Tournament Match #3

Sonic vs. White Oak Station
I realized halfway into this tournament that I should not have  set up the brackets based on seeding from a selection committee (a committee of myself).  I should have paired the contestants off by restaurant type.  For example, I should have had White Oak Station and Kum and Go face off and see who has the best gas station hot dog.  Or Chicago Dog vs. Tusk and Trotter for Non Chain Restaurant, etc. etc.  But it’s too late now because I definitely not starting over.  This should be a tough match up this week, since I like hot dogs from both contestants.
I went to Sonic first.  Ahh Sonic…..  Did you know there are almost 400,000 drink combinations you can get at Sonic?  I remember I tried to embarrass the lovely wife one time by ordering something a 5 year old would want, like a Chocolate-Watermelon Coke or something that was pretty awful.     Every year my mother gives me a Sonic Gift Certificate, which I use up as fast as I possibly can.  But I digress.  On to the results:

Just a quick drive from my office, Sonic is a mini oasis for me.
Here was my dog.  The All American, with relish and mustard:
Superb!  The bun was really warm and soft.  Yes, I am secure enough in my manhood to discuss eating warm buns and juicy weenies with a straight face.    No, I’m not being defensive at all!   Get your heads out of the gutter!  So what if porno music started playing in my head while I watched the hot dog weenies rolling around, all oiled up on hot, long, hard rollers at Kum and Go?  That doesn't mean anything!  I like girls gosh darnit!
 Anyway, this contestant from Sonic was gone in 3 bites.   As a bonus, I decided to try the new bacon and blue cheese dog.  It sure was pretty:
But it was just ok.  I’ll stick with the All American or Chicago Dog when I go to Sonic.
Next up was White Oak Station.  

The rich man’s Kum and Go, White Oak Station is a very cool gas station.  It is part gas station, part gourmet market, part deli.  The hot dog was self serve, which neither adds nor detracts to its merit in my opinion.  I was a little miffed when  the freaking metal tongs scalded my fingers.  But I am a rugged individual, and I took it like a man.  Here was my dog…

Oh my, it was fantastic!  This matchup is close!  The White Oak Station dog was $2 more than the Sonic, but I have to disregard prices for the purposes of this tournament.   But I have to pick a winner so…
White Oak Station wins by a whisker!    Sonic I still love you, and will see you at our regularly scheduled time. Don’t be upset with me.
Next is the final matchup in round 1:  Sam's Club vs. Tusk and Trotter.  Polar opposites..

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The Lost Collector said...

I can't go to Donuc without getting a Fritos Chili Cheese wrap.