Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cleve's Auction Night: It's a Chilly Evening In The Doon House Tonight

I began having a palpable sense of dread the moment I started driving home from Cleve's tonight.  No, I didn't score any of the Mantles (each went for at least $180 or more, with a certified auto card going for nearly $2,000).  No I didn't score the Michael Jordan auto ($350 I think).  But I did spend some money, and more than I planned.  Not only did I get the two cards that I had a fix on all week, 3 other cards slipped through the other bidder's nets and landed safely and cheaply on my lap.  But great values or not, I spent $47 tonight, and I knew that was not going to go over well with the lovely wife.  So I got to hear about it a little bit when I got home.  Here is what she said verbatim:

And I listened, and I nodded and agreed to be better.  But on the inside, I felt like this:

I dare you to find a better video.

Why was I so stoked tonight?  Well because I got some dang cool cards!  Let's start with this:

This is my first 1951 Topps Red Back card.  I've always wanted one but have never pulled the trigger.  The fact that Roe was Brooklyn Dodger, as well as an Arkansan made it even more special to me.  I know 1951 Topps aren't that hard to come by, but this one is in pristine shape, with no creases or tears, and it has great color. 

I also picked up two bonus cards that I snagged on the cheap:

This Seau/Merriman dual jersey card holds little interest to me, but the lovely wife has family from that area that are huge Charger fans and I'm sure their boys will dig it.  And it's numbered to #200.

If I can get a Tom Brady Jersey card for $4, don't I have to do it?  The jersey is nice and dirty too! 

I also picked up two other cards that I will post about tomorrow.

Here are the grades:

1951 Topps Preacher Roe $15  B+:  This is about what I would pay online for one of these in just ok shape.  A little expensive I guess, but shouldn't every collector have at least one '51?

Panini Threads Seau/Merriman $3  B: I'll get more enjoyment giving this to a kid who will like it than keeping it for myself. 

Tom Brady Topps Pro Bowl Jersey $4.00  A- :  Now I have a Brady jersey.  


Cheap Card Collecting said...

Nice pickups, I love those chrome pro bowl jerseys. They're kind of rare and usually even the worst players go for around $10.

Spiegel83 said...

Nice score with the Preacher Roe. Getting any vintage with a Brooklyn Dodger on it is always awesome.

Greg Zakwin said...

Sweet scores!

The Lost Collector said...

Nicely done. The '51s are awesome, aren't they?