Sunday, July 24, 2011

dawgbones... Come on Down!!!

You're the first contestant on Napkin Doon's Big Fun Game!!! 

And below are the remaining 10 contestants:

  1. dawgbones
  2. matt
  3. cardanathema
  4. dimwit
  5. cubsfan731
  6. josh
  7. cubsfan731
  8. lost collector
  9. eric l
  10. trey j
  11. cardanathema
  12. the diamond king
  13. matt pederson
  14. dawgbones
  15. jeff laws
  16. matt pederson
  17. play at the plate
  18. mmmrhubarb
  19. ryan lamonica
  20. hiflew
  21. cheap card collecting
  22. matt b
  23. spiegel83
  24. greg zakwin
  25. ryan g
  26. mariner1
  27. greg zakwin
  28. eric l
  29. jason
  30. lost collector
  31. cheap card collecting
  32. kirk jacobson
  33. potch
  34. potch
  35. morgan
  36. matt b
  37. matt
  38. the diamond king
  39. dan
  40. captain canuck
  41. ba benny
  42. kirk jacobson
  43. dominifdny
  44. jeff laws
Cubsfan731 and cardanathema had some insurance, falling in the top 11 twice.  Of course everyone only gets one entry, so that let diamond king jump a slot for the final pick.

dawgbones may select any number from 1-12 and I will reveal what is behind that door once he makes his pick.  Matt will have the option then of either stealing dawgbones pick, or selecting from the remaining doors.  If Matt steals from dawgbones, dawgbones will then be able to pick again (but not steal from Matt).  Remember, there are 10 contestants but 12 prizes and at the end of the game, two people will have a chance to trade their prize if they want. 

Thanks to all who signed up, and better luck next time to those who didn't get in.  The next time I do this, I will need to figure out a way to up the odds for the folks who've entered all 3 times and never got in.  Maybe an extra entry everytime you have entered but not been selected?

Any questions???  Ok, let's go!!


Captain Canuck said...


Missed it by that much!

dawgbones said...

Better luck next time there Agent 86... Your suggestion sounds fair Doon, I might suggest bribery as well, a well placed Phillie in my snailbox could buy my slot in a future game!! And as for today, let's go a little over half-way to my favorite number, Lucky 'Ole slot #7. Good luck everybody.

Jeff Laws said...

I think I should get a card for last, It takes skill to come in 44th out of 44.