Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Fun Game Steal and Pick #8

Cardanathema gives the Lost Collector the what fer and steals and freezes the Clemente to his possession. 

The Lost Collector gets another vintage card by taking door #10:

1967 Joe Morgan

Trey J is next and can steal anything but the frozen prizes (Clemente and the relic lot) or can choose from doors 4,8,9, or 12


The Dimwit said...

If that Morgan stays in your possession and the Clemens stays in mine, I'd gladly swap you Lost Collector!

Trey J. said...

It's vintage and it's an Astro so I am going to have to take the 67 Morgan.

The Lost Collector said...

This is getting mighty ugly. I'll steal the Longoria.

Matt said...

Here's where we stand, with Dawgbones to pick:

1. Dawgbones
2. Matt - Gypsy Queen Green
3. cardanathema (frzn) - Clemente from Matt, lost collector
4. Dimwit - Clemens
5. cubsfan731 (frzn) - Relic Lot from cardanathema, Dimwit
6. josh - Strasburg from Matt
7. lost collector - Longoria from dawgbones
8. eric - Mauer Patch from cardanathema
9. trey j - Joe Morgan from lost collector
10. diamond king

Hope that clears things up for everyone

Napkin Doon said...

Good summary Matt, thanks!