Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Fun Game Steal and Pick #5

Cubsfan731 steals the Relic Lot, freezing it to his possession.  The Dimwit chooses again, and picks Door #5:

Roger Clemens 2007 Exquisite #d to 99.

Josh is up next.  I think I know what he wants, but will wait until he makes it official...


Josh said...

Yep...I was hoping some KC Royals stuff might have made an appearance by now, but alas, there are still lots of goodies to choose from.

I am semi-tempted to open another door (it's like a treasure hunt, you know), but my risk-averse side would like to stick with what I know and steal the Strasburg. Thanks for the great game, Napkin Doon.

Matt said...

That puts it to me, right? Mauer is tempting, but I'll take Door #1.