Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Napkin Doon's Attic Treasure #2: Talking Baseball Cards!

Sometimes, long before I met my lovely wife, long before I became the super cool dude you all know, I liked to sit up in my bed at night and talk to my baseball cards.  "Hello Darryl Strawberry.  My that was quite a blast you hit today.  Thank you for showing up twice in the wax box I bought last week."  Or "Hello Will Clark.  They say you will be one of the greatest hitters ever.  This 87 Topps card of you surely will be able to help buy me a car someday."  Or "Hello Andy Van Slyke.  I hope that when you are making your Hall of Fame acceptance speech, grown up Napkin Doon will be sitting in the crowd, cheering you on."
Well, imaging my delight when I discovered that some cards could talk BACK to me!  As I stumbled across these Baseball Talk cards in the attic last week, I recalled my lonely, lonely nights of listening to baseball cards.  How I ever had a girlfriend in high school is beyond me.
I've got about 10 of these, including the ones pictured above.  I actually, don't remember much of the audio.  I faintly recall Darryl Strawberry saying something about no one having career years during the Met's 86 World Series run, but everyone playing for the team or something.  There is also audio of Bobby Thompson's shot heard round the world.  But I can't find the player for these cards (which are in great shape by the way) to relive the magic.  Maybe I should pick one up cheap on eBay:

Then the lovely wife and I could snuggle up on the couch, sip some Pinot and listen to baseball cards.


The Lost Collector said...

I had one off these too! I don't remember much of it.

jaybarkerfan said...

I so remember these! Made by LJN I think, same company that made the old WWF rubber wrestlers. Walkin down memory lane.