Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cliff Notes

There are a few baseball players that I can easily see myself hanging out with.   I think I could hang out with Mike Piazza and Keith Hernandez.   Probably Ian Kinsler too, although I don’t have a great read on him yet.
I think Cliff Lee and I could be friends.  I can see us hanging out.  He’s a Razorback.  I’m a Razorback.  He helped get the Rangers into the World Series.  I’m a big Rangers fan.  He lives in Arkansas.  I live in Arkansas.  He is always cool under pressure.  I am just plain cool.   I think my wife and I would have his family over for hamburgers on the grill and we would watch our kids play in the backyard.  Our conversation would go something like this:
Me:  Nice evening for a cookout.
Cliff:  I guess so.  Whatever.
(I then check my phone for messages)
Cliff:  Is that the HTC EVO?  What do you think of it?
Me:  It’s fine I guess.  Whatever.
(Long Pause)
Me:  You want a beer?
Cliff:  (Shrugs) Yeah I guess.
(I bring back a couple of beers)
Cliff:  Nice evening for a cookout.
Me:  I guess so.  Whatever.
I can see it so clearly.  He and I would totally get each other.     I’ll need to get some cool cards for him to sign, although if we were friends, I suppose I wouldn’t really need his autograph.

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