Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Checklist Chipaway: Topps HD Images of Excellence/ Ball Park Figures

I am realllly getting close to wrapping up Topps HD.  This brand was only issued for 2 years, so getting all of the cards is a pretty manageable task.  I’ll probably have to pass on the auto cards though.  Too pricey for your pal Napkin.
I’ve already completed the Cutting Edge and 20/20 sets, and was only 1 card away each on the Images of Excellence and Ballpark Figures Sets.  It took a while to get these last two at prices I wanted, but I happened to get them both within a 24 hour period.  They both came in the mail this week.
Images Of Excellence- Willie Mays being the final piece:

 Ballpark Figures- Mike Piazza being the final piece:

Let’s see what the Super Checklist has to say about these two:

Well done Napkin!

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