Monday, May 16, 2011

Bowman 2011 Rack Packs

Bowman 2011 hit the shelves of a local Walmart today, and of course, I had no control and bought a couple of rack packs.  Although I'm not especially hyped about Bowman this year, I was still somewhat pleased with myself for not loading up my basket with blaster boxes.   Bowman 2010 was one of the products that pulled me back heavy into the hobby last year when I happened to hit some Strasburgs, so perhaps if I repeat my luck with Bryce Harper,  I'll be back for more.  Here are the highlights:

Here are the base cards, gold parallels and a "Finest Futures" insert of Jason Heyward.  The Posada gold card asked to be held out of the scan, but I asserted my authority and put him in.  
The "1st Bowman Cards" of a bunch of guys I've never heard of.  Doesn't mean they won't be good, I'm just not familiar with them yet.

Finally, each rack pack includes 4 Chrome cards, so I got 8.  The purple parallels are numbered to 700.  No Harper, but who knows what sort of hidden gem there might be in here.  I also got 1 "Topps of the Class" insert card.

Overall, I actually like the design of the base card pretty well.  It's pretty clean and the silver type is nice looking.  The 1st Bowman cards don't do much for me, but maybe they'll grow on me later.  I'm going to bet I can buy a full base set cheap on eBay at some point soon, so I think I'm done with the wax.  I'd rather buy Gypsy Queen or even some of the $14.99 value packs I suppose until Topps Series 2 comes out.


Derek said...

Any interest in sending Mr. Heyward my way?

AdamE said...

I hate Bowman but always try to track down the Red Sox team anyway. I won't even buy a pack to see how they look. Worst thing about them is every year Topps screwes the numbering all up. BDP BDDP BDDPP... WTF.

-Loved the Posada comment.

The Lost Collector said...

Hey Nappy - I'd be interested in that Brandon Laird card. I owe him a TTM request but don't have any cards of him yet.

cubsfan731 said...

I need that Carpenter card. I'm going to see him IP next week, and I'd love to have something for him to sign.

Captain Canuck said...

Congraats on the Heward pull!! Outstanding. The rest of those guys..... well, we'll see in 5 years or so!