Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Fun Game Final Pick!

Greg stops the stealing and selects the final prize #10:

These are the NL cards from the blaster, including Jason Heyward and will include the Aaron Rowand card from prize 2.  11 cards total.

Here is the randomized prize list so you can see I didn't play favorites.  I hate that there weren't any big hits in the box, but I hope everyone likes the free cards!  I will post the video of the box break in the next day or two if anyone wants.  I assure you I didn't keep anything.  I'm probably the most ticked there weren't any hits because it would have livened up the game and got more buzz for my blog.

Again, if you have not done so,  please send me your address so I can send your cards. 

Thanks for playing this second round.  I hope to do another game at some point, so if there are any suggestions for how the game is played, please let me know. 

For those that played or watched the first game, did you like the random prizes like before, or do you prefer a theme like Gypsy Queen?   I like the idea of doing a box break this way, but I couldn't really review the cards as they were revealed.  I didn't want to say anything that might be seen as influencing the picks.

I am interested in your feedback!


Play at the Plate said...

I thought it was fun. Either way you do it will work great. Gypsy Queen is still so new it had a lot of interest. Thanks!

Ryan G said...

I enjoyed both versions - no complaints in any way! You can still do your commentary as a follow-up post if you want, of course. And hit or not, this is new hotness, which makes it all the better, and I'm very happy with my prize! Every time I see a contest I'm reminded that I really need to do a contest too.

Spiegel83 said...

Thanks for the contest. It was a lot of fun. I really like this set and picking up a Cobb is awesome.

Greg Zakwin said...

I was only able to get in on this variation of the game, but I liked it. And I picked up a Heyward for my Heyward PC, so it's even more enjoyable!

Thanks Doon!

Matt said...

I thought it was a great way to break a box. You could have done a few reviews as you went, just with careful wording. One suggestion: Start a trading post at the end of it so the participants can swap before you ship.

To that point, Greg, any chance I can trade you the Palmer or Ott for your 2 Cardinals and any other 3? :) I'll also offer my whole lot for yours but I saw you wanted the Heyward.

The Lost Collector said...

I think it was just as fun as the first. I picked early this time so I wasn't able to get in on the stealing like I would have wanted - although I like the lot I got.

The late run of stealing was fun to watch, and a lot of us don't have any Gypsy Queen yet, so it was exciting to see and lust after some new cards.

Thanks again for your generosity with these Big Fun Games.

Steve D said...

I loved both versions! Like Ryan said, even though there were no big hits here, it was still awesome because for most of us, it'll be our first cards from a new product. For me, I picked up a card for my PC which was really awesome. While I love autos and relics like the last contest, sometimes they just turn into trade bait.

In terms of reviews, I think you could still do some good ones after the door is opened. I think you could describe each insert, relic, etc without really influencing the decision. What's the harm in saying it's a nice looking or awful card? It's just your opinion.

And I second what Matt said about trading. You could have both parties email that they'd like to swap prizes by a deadline that you'll enforce.

Thanks for letting me in on the fun both times!

Steve D said...

Sorry to blab, but one more comment. I like the randomization of contestants this time much more than the first 10 signups that you had last time. Even though it worked out for me both times, I think it's fairer to those followers who have school, work, some commitment, etc. and can't get to the blog in time.