Saturday, April 23, 2011

What Ever Happened To Mini Sets?

Back in the 80s when I couldn't stop myself from buying anything remotely resembling a baseball card, I was all up on the little mini sets you could seemingly buy anywhere.  They typically were around 40-50 cards and had some kind of theme.  They were great!  They almost always included Darryl Strawberry, which was all the motivation I needed.  But even without the Straw, the checklists were strong in every set.  And they usually only ran a few bucks, and often I could get them on clearance for next to nothing.  I think I got that Kmart set for a quarter.  Don't be a wise ass and tell me I got rooked either.

Sure, most of the time they were crappy designs and overproduced, but some were actually pretty nice cards.  The KayBee toys sets are pretty good quality in my humble opinion.
We had these in the 80s, and Denny's sets in the 90s.  Is there anything similar out there today that I'm not aware of?  Did collectors (other than me) hate these?

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