Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pet Peeves

I find it hard to dislike much about this hybrid hobby of collecting baseball cards and blogging about collecting baseball cards.  Obviously, if there were too many things that I found irritating, I would mess around with something else.    But now that I have been back in the hobby for about a year, and now that I have been blogging for a few months, there are two things that really agitate me:
1) Disappearing Comments on Blogger- Maybe there is something glaringly obvious that I am doing wrong, but for some reason, I am having a hell of a time leaving comments on other blogs.  It would be fun to be more active in the blogosphere.  I enjoy it when people leave me comments and I try to do the same as much as possible.  But most of the time, after I post a comment, go through the little word verification step, and see the confirmation that my comment has been posted, the next day the comment is not there.  The blogger I am posting to will receive the comment via their email, but it won’t show up in the comments section of the blog.  Very frustrating.  If you have any suggestions for me or suffer from the same affliction, let me know.
2) I am sure my fellow collectors will agree:  there is something exciting about opening the mailbox and seeing one or multiple envelopes and/or bubble mailers with your name on it.  It’s like a little Christmas every day.    Likely, you also are familiar with that interruption of your happy moment when you see this taped to the package:          
Sure, the amounts are always little, but it’s the principle of the thing.  If it costs $2.63 to ship me a Michael Young refractor, charge me $2.63 up front, not $2.00 and a surprise bill later.  I almost always ship from the post office to be sure I cover postage properly, but when I do apply stamps, I always make sure I cover postage, and at times probably over stamp.

Now, I will be really embarrassed if someone tells me they received a package from me that was short on postage.  That just can’t be the case, unless….   Could it be?  Perhaps I am slowly uncovering a post office conspiracy…  Perhaps this is all part of a bigger conspiracy….  Perhaps this reaches the highest levels.   If I suddenly stop posting, be assured that I was on to something, and someone wanted Napkin Doon quiet.  Stay tuned… 


Anonymous said...

Have you contacted the Blogger support team to see why your comments keep disappearing? It may be a known issue.

I know the feeling with the USPS slips. The post office changes their rules so often it's hard to keep up with all of them. They all don't follow the same rules either so I can understand it from time to time.

carlsonjok said...

The times you have commented on my blog, your comment has gotten caught in the spam filter and requires me to approve it before it is actually posted.

SpastikMooss said...

I know at least on my site your comment disappears temporarily until I approve it (to fight spam).

And as for the postage due...yuck yeah I hate it. Happens time to time...luckily hasn't happened to me in months. So I'm sure I'm "due" for a few more now haha.

AdamE said...

I have had different peoples comments show up in my email but never show up on the blog as comments. I never understood it.

I usually slap a bunch of stamps on a trade package to avoid lines at the PO. I never had anyone tell me that it came postage due. If it happened I hope someone would tell me so I don't short change the nest guy too.