Friday, April 1, 2011


First pitch for Rangers and Red Sox is just moments away.  Got it set up in the DVR so I will be avoiding looking at scores for the rest of the day at work.  It is so nice to buzz through commercials, pitching changes and mound visits.  How did I ever live without a DVR?  The combination of DVRs and HD television has completely spoiled me.      Here is the ideal scene for me:
Me+ HD Television + Rangers + couch + 2-3 Coronas + 2-3 Johnsonville Stadium Brats + 2011 Baseball Prospectus (which I have not picked up yet-shame on me!)  + cards to sort= Napkin Doon Bliss
Here’s what will happen:
Me  + urgent work emails + incessant attention request pleas from 5 year old boy  + incessant attention request screams from the 1 year old girl + no problems from my elegant, lovely wife (she does read this blog and I am not stupid) + dinner out=  Napkin Doon catching the highlights later in the evening
 Come to think of it, I’d rather go with the latter anyways….
Speaking of Napkin Doon Bliss, here are some nice looking 2005 Topps Gallery Artist Proofs I picked up on EBay last week.  I’m about 35% through with the 05 Gallery Artist Proof set,  which is fast becoming one of my favorites:

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