Monday, April 18, 2011

Etopps 4/18 Offering- Baseball 2011 Week 1

Etopps 2011 Baseball begins this week with a star and a couple of rookies:
 Ryan Braun
 Freddie Freeman
 Kyle Drabek

Depending on prices and print runs, I might buy the Drabek and Braun for the game, as well as points potential.  I have to think this will fall below IPO prices in a month or so, so perhaps I'll wait.  Again, depends on prices and print runs.  I frankly don't know much about Freddie Freeman.  Doesn't seem like his cards are too hot on eBay now, or am I wrong?  If it comes out at $6 or higher I will take my chances and buy it after it is allocated. 

I think I like the looks of these, but mostly because of how I am assuming they will look in-hand.


Derek said...

I just ordered one of each, I hope I at least get the freeman for my braves collection!

Napkin Doon said...

You should get all 3. The print run and price for the Freeman were a little high for me. In fact, I passed on all 3 and will try to get them later. But you never know how a card might take off, so I hope the Freeman does well for you!