Saturday, April 9, 2011

Big Fun Game Update

Here is where we are after 6 picks and a handful of steals:

1) Mariner1 Dotel was stolen by BA Benny, so Mariner 1 is up to pick
2) Steve D-  Andy Ashby Auto
3) Ryan G- 2010 Triple Threads #d lot
4) Matt Pederson- Topps HD Rodriguez Cutting Edge Di Cut Card
5) Lost Collector- Topps Debut 2010 #d Lot
6) SpastikMooss - Terrell Davis Jersey Card- Frozen w/ SpastikMooss after 2 steals
7) BA Benny- Octavio Dotel Auto
8) Dimwit
9) dawgbones
10) hiflew

Remaining lots are (3, 4, 6, 9)

This has been fun so far, thanks to all the participants!

1 comment:

Mariner1 said...

Thank you Benny. I was hoping as a Mets fan you wouls steal that thing. I will take #3 for Mr. Dale Murphy.