Friday, April 8, 2011

Big Fun Game Pick #6

With Spastik Mooss stealing the Davis jersey card, Matt chooses door #1:

2001 Topps HD Cutting Edge Alex Rodriguez (a personal favorite insert of mine)

Also,  I am headed out to a Naturals game, so I won't be able to update anything until around 11 pm tonight.

BA Benny is up and can steal anything but the Davis jersey card, which belongs to SpastikMooss after 2 steals,or can choose from doors 3,4,6 or 9.

SpastikMooss, you can email me your address and I'll get the card in the mail to you.

Will a package going from someone named Napkin Doon to someone named SpastikMooss raise any red flags?


BA Benny said...

First up, I say thanks for a way cool game you have going here, it's very generous of you. With that being said I will choose with my turn to grab the Octavio Dotel SP Signature from Mariner 1.

The Lost Collector said...

I'll echo BA Benny...this is a lot of fun so far...and very generoius of you I might add.