Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There’s a lot of stuff out there…

Which is why when I started coming back in the hobby, I needed to find a way to get a handle on what I was going to collect, and how I was going to do it.  I had bought a lot (I thought) of product from 86 to 03, but when I recently got back into the hobby I realized  a) how disorganized and incomplete my collection was and b)  there was a nearly infinite amount of products available and my time and resources to chase them were not so infinite.   I needed to focus on a few players and sets and stay disciplined.  I needed to figure out what I wanted my collection to look like.    So I mapped out the “solar system” of my collection:

And I defined a sorting process as well:

Ok, so I pretty much failed miserably to limit my targets.  But when all was said and done, I didn’t really want to anyway.   I did, however, succeed in organizing my collection, at least on paper.  I am now able to see what I need and want.  I also developed a detailed ranking system for the card sets I am trying to complete.      I’ll post a picture of this worksheet later, but I am not ready to humiliate myself beyond what I’ve already managed to do.  
When I sit back and take a moment to look at the pictures above, I can honestly admit one thing:  My God, I am a dork.

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